Vincent Van Gogh Vodka Double Espresso

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Vincent Van Gogh Vodka Double Espresso 750ml     
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Crafted to excellence, Van Gogh Double Espresso Double Caffeine Vodka delivers a wealth of flavor for those who expect more from their coffee. It’s powerful yet sophisticated, with the stronger and richer character savored by espresso lovers. Here is all the smooth brilliance of great café, in the only FDA-approved vodka on the market today with the bold touch of double caffeine. So delight in dark perfection. Straight or mixed with other fine Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas, Van Gogh Double Espresso™ Double Caffeine Vodka always makes the Luxury Martini.

 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 91 points (Mar 2015)
(UB Collection,Finalist)- Opaque brown color. Fragrance is powerfully espresso- and coffee bean-like. Taste profile is sumptuous, thickly textured, intensely beany, concentrated, massive. Strikingly authentic, luscious.

Country: Holland
Type: Vodka and Liqueur
Style: Espresso
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