Slumbrew Happy Sol

Slumbrew Happy Sol 22 oz   
Sku: 15039

A refreshingly tart and crisp hefeweizen brewed with local MA wildflower honey, orange peel and coriander, and fermented with the juice from over 1,000 blood oranges. Itís a cloudy, yet effervescent beer, with lingering banana and citrus notes balanced against a healthy wheat backbone and hoppy finish from Mt. Hood and Crystal hops.

Technical notes
Original Gravity: 1.051Est. ABV: 5.5% Mash Temp: 152IBU: 18 Hops: Mt. Hood, Crystal Grain Profile: German Wheat, 2-Row Pale, Crystal and Aromatic Malts

Country: United States
Region: Massachusetts
Type: Beer - Domestic
Style: Herb and Spice Beer
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