Haig Club Scotch

Haig Club Scotch 750ML       
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Haig Club is made at Cameronbridge distillery in Scotland. The liquid has been crafted using a unique process that combines grain whisky from three cask types. This creates a fresh, clean style that showcases butterscotch and toffee for an ultra-smooth taste. Seen by many to be Scotland’s hidden gem, single grain whisky is being predicted by experts as the next trend in whisky.

 Malt Advocate 87 points (Aug 2014)
A confectioner’s delight; Fry’s Five Centres, lime, lemon, kumquat, iced buns, fresh mint, and crushed cardamom that matches the chocolate aromas. Those re-charred, rejuvenated casks are very much in evidence here. It has a gilded, satiny sheen, glistening with lemon drizzle cake, butterscotch, orange matchsticks, and banana bread. Incontrovertibly, it inhabits a signature grain style, but it fizzles out with a sticky, sweet aftertaste, like licking the spoon from the icing bowl. (Winter 2014) Reviewed by: Jonny McCormick
 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 89 points (Mar 2015)
Pale golden/straw yellow color. Smells of dried banana, dried pineapple, saltine cracker, new leather, beeswax, wheat cereal, toasted almond. Taste profile is deeply grainy, kernel-like, tart, lean bordering on austere, lightly toasted. Finishes slightly sweeter than the midpalate, toastier, resiny, woody.

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The blue glass bottle was inspired by the tradition of our blenders using blue tasting glasses, so the spirit can be reviewed on aroma and taste alone. The colour of the closure was inspired by the copper stills that were historically used to distil grain whisky.

Country: Scotland
Type: Scotch Whisky
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